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My number train

My number train

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This wonderful train is made up of 12 pebbles each of which is individually hand-painted with vibrant, non-toxic colours and graced with a distinct number, turning each one into a tactile learning aid that stimulates your child's senses. The set is designed to inspire curiosity, develop fine motor skills, and introduce the fundamental concept of numbers in a captivating way, by using children's interests to engage them, providing a provocation to play.

Centred around the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, "My Number Train" supports key areas of learning such as mathematics, especially number recognition and counting, while encouraging children to engage with the natural world around them. 

The pebbles come sealed with a coat of lacquer and nestled in a durable canvas bag, allowing for easy storage and transport. This ensures your child can enjoy a spontaneous learning experience whether at home, in the park, or during a visit to the grandparents, whether it be in water, mud or sand, this wonderful train will weather any storm.
Hand-crafted, educational, and charmingly rustic, "My Number Train" is more than a toy - it's an engaging resource to enhance your child's understanding of numbers most naturally and enjoyably. Invest in your child's early education today with this unique set of hand-painted number pebbles. Let's make learning as fun as child's play!

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