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A Passion for Learning

Matching and sorting 'Little pals' Fairy Garden

Matching and sorting 'Little pals' Fairy Garden

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The joy of learning through play is invaluable, seeing that lightbulb moment when a child grasps a concept or is able to achieve their goal is a wonderful moment to observe.

This diverse and versatile version of 'Little pals' Fairy Garden is designed to support children's problem solving, reasoning and mathematical development, however this is not to limit there uses, social development, communication and language and creative skills are also supported using these beautifully hand painted 'little pals'.

Stored in their very own canvas bag for safety and transportation, this set is available in a variety of colours. Take them with you wherever you go, allow your child to use them in the park, sandpit or garden, they are the perfect accompaniment to a day out.

If you do not see your preferred colours, please do email me your request.   

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