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A Passion for Learning

"Little Pals" — Handmade Peg People

"Little Pals" — Handmade Peg People

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Meet Little Pals, an exquisite collection of bespoke, hand-crafted peg people. Each figurine is thoughtfully designed and intricately painted by hand, the design can feature different protected characteristics to teach diversity or even numbers, letters and more. 

These charming peg people not only provide a delightful playtime experience but also serve a valuable educational purpose. They are specifically designed to support the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), stimulating your child's creativity, imagination, and social skills while promoting developmental learning in line with EYFS guidelines.

"Little Pals" offer a playful way for your little ones to engage with key areas of learning including understanding the world, expressive arts and design, communication, and language.

They are perfect for storytelling, role-playing, and constructing exciting make-believe scenarios - all of which bolster your child’s cognitive and social development.

Made from sustainable, high-quality materials, our peg people are built to last, offering years of imaginative play. And as each one is hand-painted, no two are the same, offering your child a unique playmate to cherish and love.

Celebrate the joy of bespoke British craftsmanship with "Little Pals". These endearing peg people are more than just toys - they are a meaningful investment in your child's early years education.

Order your unique set today and let your child's imagination run free.

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